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Audrey Jackson grew up writing songs in her home town Santa Margarita. Coming from a musical family, there was always music in the house, where she was exposed to great singer songwriters like Loretta Lynn. Inspired by her sister, Audrey left home and headed to LA where she had a chance meeting with songwriter/producer Matthew Moore. Work began on Audrey's debut album with a collection of folk/Americana pop songs.


Audrey's Art

Pursuing an artistic career since childhood, Santa Margarita raised, Audrey Jackson is inspired by artists like Rene Magritte and Mark Ryden, her paintings usually consist of colorful characters and cryptic symbols. “My work allows me to make the connection between strong emotion and the medium to coexist on a physical plane.” Audrey’s art can be found permanently hanging in Rosalina Barrio Santa Margarita, “An Audrey Jackson Gallery”.

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